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  • Turn your home garden into your haven

    You would not need to get out of the house to get fresh air in a well-maintained outside-like environment. And fixing your outdoor space in your own home is going to give you that. Here are our best tips, tricks, and items to look for that can transform it in a glance!

  • 5 Crucial Things You Can’t Forget When Decorating

    We’ll give you a heads up on what to pay attention to and if there are some tips or advice that could do well.

  • Get a replica of Batman Vs Superman’s lakeside house

    You can totally get Bruce Wayne’s new lakeside house! And all from just one place, here at CHIC HOMZ.

  • No more guessing: Learn What Is Augmented Reality and How to Use it

    Wondering if it will fit your space?

    No longer

    Get to know what the new augmented reality feature is and how to use from here!

  • Minimalist Style: The School of Simplicity

    Have you been reading the term minimalist style a lot but you don’t know exactly what it is? Maybe in another article that assumed you knew what it is or you heard it in conversation with someone? 

    The minimalist style is a lifestyle and a furniture style that has been in vogue for a while now and it is only going to get more popular, but what exactly makes it?

    Here is what the minimalist style entails!

  • Rustic Style: Back to Origins

    While farmhouse is the most famous rustic furniture style, the term rustic is used more because it is more inclusive and not that specific.

    But what exactly does Rustic Style entails?

  • Scandinavian Style: Your Path to Comfort

    No one can deny the beauty of Scandanavia nor the beauty of Scandanavian people’s homes. They are very easy on the eye, but what makes them so?

  • Why You Should Use the Black Friday Sales To Purchase Your Furniture

    Sales are always awaited by everyone looking to buy anything… But when November comes, that’s when it starts getting really interesting. Offers rain left and right and everywhere, you start seeing ads about sales every step you go and every channel you watch, but why exactly should you shop for your furniture and decorations in the Black Friday sales? 

  • Check out 3 bunk beds that you will LOVE!

    When you think of bunk beds there is one specific bed that comes to mind right? It is not very creative and can make the kid’s room look a bit dull, but CHIC HOMZ is here for the rescue! We know that monotonic styles are widely ignored now and so, we have got you three new designs for bunk bed frames that you will totally appreciate!

  • Combine Practicality and Minimalism in Your Home Office Design With This ONE Item

    In love with the new minimalist furniture trend? Who isn’t! After all, It makes sense since studies prove that clutter and busy spaces make for a cluttered and busy mind -we don’t want that, no-

  • How to Choose a Coffee Table that Best Suits Your Needs

    Knowing the basics of choosing the right table for your needs and the shape of your room will facilitate the search and helps you choose the most suitable table for you.

    Here are some tips to help you choose the right table for you, based on your need:



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