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Turn your home garden into your haven

In a lockdown, or not, we all know we need to stay safe and maintain our social distancing practices along with other measures we take to keep our loved ones safe. And that includes working from home for as long we can, and without a deadline on this pandemic, we need to be prepared for anything in the run.

That includes having our very own haven at home for when working gets too tedious and boring, pretty sure you can relate, no?

We’ll get to the point, a home garden is precisely what both you and we need during this time in modern history! You would not need to get out of the house to get fresh air in a well-maintained outside-like environment. And fixing your outdoor space in your own home is going to give you that.

Here are our best tips, tricks, and items to look for that can transform it in a glance!

Get comfortable seating

One of the main things you’ll need to have your garden usable as a hang out is comfortable seating, so that can be an outdoor furniture set made of chairs, and a table or maybe rocking chairs, or even a bunch of bean bags!

Outdoor Lighting

You can’t hang a ceiling lamp or chandelier, and you don’t need them to make your garden fancy! There are a couple of things you can do to turn that to your advantage, one of them is the string lights! Another is a string light CURTAIN.
Just imagine a pathway gate made of these gorgeous things to start? Magical already.

Dedicate a corner for your drinks and coffee

If you’re going to be enjoying your day in the garden or even working, then you’re gonna need your precious drinks and snack with you, right? Have that i your garden! Decide on a side of the garden to make it into your own little cafe, be it just a coffee corner or if you want a fridge, a grill and a water dispenser. Just the thought of it gave us some party feels!

A storage box/furniture

Think of it, while you have had your clutter in the garden before or thought about it, it wouldn’t hurt to put that in consideration first thing, right? You can have some Drawer units, storage benches, banquets or an outdoor table with some secret storage. Storing things in it can even save you some time if you’re going to have to get something from inside. 

Plants, plants, plants!

It IS a garden what were you expecting? Some small plants, some other bigger ones, stone pots, wooden pots… you name it! Some people prefer to have some artificial big plants to enhance the view a bit and not have to take very good care for it but if your garden has sun, access to water and open air, than why not give yourself some extra newly produced oxygen?

Gather round a TV

Having one big TV screen in the middle of your garden and having all the seat around it in the middle of night or in the morning, is the outdoor cinema experience anyone can wish for. Some popcorn and soda drinks with your big friend group, or even the family’s children enjoying an animated movie while the grown ups have their own gathering inside. Sounds like a dream if you ask us.

Your studio

This is a bit of an unconventional way to make your garden, it can be your art studio, your meditation and yoga area, or even your gym! We realised a studio can be anything if you want  it to be. If it is a gym, then your go-to gym devices and if it is your art studio then your tools, if a yoga area then a tapestry and maybe think of adding a water stream decoration near by? The sound of water is already relaxing us.

Whatever you decide to turn your home garden into, make sure to turn it into a comfortable and actual usable space. And don’t be afraid to splurge your money into it. It pays off, to have an open area just a few step away from you that can be you main hangout at home? Priceless.

While you’re here,  make sure to give our website and furniture a look, it will definitely give you some inspiration on what to get for your garden and who knows? Maybe you get an entirely different idea that what we suggested for you right here!

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