5 خطوات يجب ان تتبعها عند فرش بيتك

5 Crucial Things You Can’t Forget When Decorating

While it is important to have fun while decorating your home, having too much fun with no planning can result in a horrible final look at the end of the process, and with no means of reciprocating the damage that is already done! So a bit of footstep to follow in order to avoid a catastrophe.

In the following points, we’ll give you a heads up on what to pay attention to and if there are some tips or advice that could do well.

Plan ahead 

We already mentioned that planning in furniture and decor is important, but what you need to know is that it is inclusive of everything, from having the final image of the room be ready in your head, or having a full album of Pinterest boards, product wishlists and everything that can come across that will help you in curating the perfect home.

Do your research

Browse through tons of websites, note some of your favorite movies’ decors and sets, again, check Pinterest, and ask some of your people what they love/hate about their furniture/decor decisions. Learning from others’ experiences is one of the best ways to getting where you need with no trouble. Do you know what else? Product reviews that come from real people online!


Planning the lighting early on is of the utmost importance since there is a lot to consider and might need some digging into the walls for it. So if you are thinking that you might like having some ceiling lights, wall lighting, and regular lamps, then make sure to put your electrician into the picture in order to avoid having too many wires outside your wall.

Furniture placement

Whether your place is big or small, the product arrangement is a crucial thing. The wrong arrangement might make your place look too tight if it is already small or might make it seems like it is empty if it is big as is.


A good floor makes or kills the entire look. If the room needs dark flooring and a light one is provided, it might bring down all that you have done. Another thing people dismiss sometimes is that it might not always be needed to add a carpet, and some other times it is the main star of the area. So do not underestimate the power of good flooring, whether covered or not.

End of the day, the process of creating your perfect and favorite space in your home will be fun both while going through it step by step, or when you see all your efforts pay off in the end, the only thing to do, is keeping these wide notes in your mind and everything will sort itself out.

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