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Rattan- الرتان

If you want to spend time resting in your garden or the balcony of the house, then you need outdoor furniture, but it may exhaust you to search for high-quality materials at reasonable prices and at the same time give you the elegant look you need

So, in this article, we will tell you about the most important of these materials now, "Rattan", with all the details that answer your questions.


Let's get acquainted first …


What is Rattan?

From agriculture to handicrafts and then to you, in short, this is the journey of rattan from origin to home.

Rattan is a plant of the palm family found in hot tropical regions and can be found in African, Asian, and Australian regions, and it has more than one type, and it is similar in shape to bamboo.


After you have learned about rattan, let us tell you about its types used in the manufacture of furniture.



What types of rattan are used in the furniture industry?

  1. Natural rattan: It is pure rattan made of wicker fabric and is characterized by its diversity of uses in furniture and its high quality.

  2. Synthetic rattan: Due to the advancement of the industry, there is an engineering resin material used to give the same look as natural rattan and it is synthetic rattan but it is not as good or hard as natural rattan.

This is the origin of both natural and synthetic rattan, but there is another material resembles many people cannot tell the difference between them, so let's know 

What is the difference between rattan and bamboo?


The difference between rattan and bamboo

Each of them is extracted from trees that are similar in type and weather factors, but the difference between them:

  1. Rattan has a solid internal structure, but bamboo is hollow on the inside.

  2. Rattan is more flexible than bamboo, so it is easier to mold, bend, and make different shapes and pieces.

You can learn more about rattan and bamboo from this article.


Well, now let's find out what is so special about natural rattan!


What are the advantages of natural rattan?

Rattan has many advantages, but let's mention the most important ones:

  1. Pure rattan is of high quality which makes its use life longer.

  2. Hardness Due to the high temperatures at which it grows, it is hard and durable. It is also manufactured on a beech wood base or an iron chassis configuration as required.

  3. It is distinguished by the variety of pieces of furniture made of it.

  4. You can renew or maintain it and it becomes like new and this is what distinguishes it from bamboo

  5. The Aesthetic appearance and timeless so it doesn't look outdated and can't be confined to a certain climate.

  6. Weatherproof and non-waterproof.

  7. Easy to clean with a damp cloth.

  8. It is handcrafted and that is what makes it a different and attractive piece.

  9. Rattan is distinguished by its distinctive and cheaper cost compared to other furniture materials.

You can find all these advantages and more in rattan furniture, but everything has advantages and disadvantages!


What are the disadvantages of rattan?

  1. One of the disadvantages of rattan is that it perishes by being in moisture for long periods, as well as in the sun.

  2. Its hardness is different from some other materials, such as natural wood, which makes it not suitable for making heavy furniture.


 But you can also avoid some of these drawbacks and enjoy other benefits.



How to care for rattan furniture?

Always keep it in the shade or put a heavy cloth on it when exposed to the sun.

Gently clean it with a damp cloth with a soapy sponge and then dry it thoroughly away from the sun.

This will preserve your existing furniture and live longer with its elegant appearance.


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