متخمنش تاني: اعرف ايه خاصية الـAR وتستخدمها ازاي

No more guessing: Learn What Is Augmented Reality and How to Use it

Wondering if it will fit your space?

No longer!

With CHIC HOMZ’s new augmented reality feature -or if abbreviated then AR- on some of our products, you will be able to cancel out the guessing part of your purchase.

You can now see how an item looks like in your own home, restaurant, or garden without buying it, so say goodbye to overthink how it looks or having a hard time imagining it!

Whether you’re trying to guess:

  • If it matches with your other items
  • If its size will suit the room
  • If you’re trying to compare two items


How to use this new augmented reality feature?
Go to the AR items collection, pick your favorite item among them, and try it out in your own space, whether that be your room, home, or even your office.

On the product page, you will be able to find a cube-shaped symbol in the photo album, that’s where you can see the item in 3D, then go ahead and find the button of the same shape -the cube-, wait for it to load, then place the item in the room where you will feel the urge to go sit on it if you were trying out a couch!

Make sure to give access to your camera to the app before trying out this cool feature, otherwise, it will not work!

Satisfied with the result? Make sure to go ahead and click check out before leaving your mind to guess one more day!

CHIC HOMZ is not just concerned with comforting you at home and giving you a simply chic home but also cares about the comfort of your shopping experience and your at-peace mind.

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