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How to Choose a Coffee Table that Best Suits Your Needs

Coffee table, salon table, living room table, different names for the table you need for your living room to make it easier for you to drink your coffee and put the TV remote and other daily tools close to you while you are chilling in the living room

Knowing the basics of choosing the right table for your needs and the shape of your room will facilitate the search and helps you choose the most suitable table for you.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right table for you, based on your need:

Determine the main purpose of the table, is it to place the TV remote, snacks, and juice cups on it while you are watching TV?

If you need a table close to the center of all chairs in the room, leave a distance of 70 cm between the chair and the table for ease of movement and ease of placing frequently used cups and other small items.

If your room is small and it is not enough to put a side table, you can -for instance- use overlapping tables with the TV table, so that all what’s left is pull out the mini tables to use when needed!


If the area of ​​your chairs and sofas is large, use overlapping tables so that you can use the tables only when needed. This whole concept saves a ton of space! 

If you are someone who prefers to eat while watching TV, you need a table with a mechanism to raise and turn the table into a dining table while you remain in your exact position, you can lift it and return it to its normal size again easily and with no extra effort!

If you like to enjoy a simple room, then you need a table where you can place your elegant decorations to elevate the room’s style.

These tables can vary from tables that have two shelves, or side units with all their different shapes to place your decorations.


As for steel tables, they add elegance to your room, with their legs gracefully raised from the floor; they give a sense of the spaciousness to the place and do not put many separators to the room.


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