بتفكر في سرير بدورين؟ شوف منه 3 أشكال بالتأكيد هينولوا اعجابك!

Check out 3 bunk beds that you will LOVE!

When you think of bunk beds there is one specific bed that comes to mind right? It is not very creative and can make the kid’s room look a bit dull, 

This lack of new styles for two-story beds has put people off the item for so long, and it kind of made it impossible for children to like it as their beds, which makes bed time a bit of a hassle.

But CHIC HOMZ is here for the rescue! We know that monotonic styles are widely ignored now and so, we have got you three new designs for bunk bed frames that you will totally appreciate!

1) The bunk bed with a modern twist

This is a favorite among everyone, kids, and adults, it doesn’t look childish not is it too narrow.

While two-story beds are commonly known as kids’ beds, you can get this for you and your roommate if you are a little tight on space, if you still share a room with a sibling, or if you just want to have an extra bed for when a guest comes.

You can choose between black, white, and gray matte for only LE 5,333 from here.

modern bunk bed


2) The larger base bunk bed frame


Need different sizes for the two beds? No issues. If one of the kids needs more space and another doesn’t, this will be a perfect fit for your household, like a piece in a puzzle!

You will have the chance to pick the color that most suits the room, whether it is black or white matte.

You can get this bed from here,  for only LE 5,333 now!

3) The Simply Elegant Two-Story Bed 

unique bunk bed

If you had something more “simple” and not really “design-ey”. Then this will be your favorite from the bunch! You wouldn’t need to worry about what would go along with it’s look in the room, on the contrary, it would amplify whatever effort you have put in the rest of the room.

Not just that, but the color will be painted and customized according to your color preference, how fitting!

In a hurry to get it before it runs out of stock? Get it here now for only LE 4,999!


bunk bed

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