• Real estate development and improvement

    Increase your unit sales. Chic Homz' team of interior designers will choose the appropriate pieces for you, free of charge and without any additional fees. You can benefit from discounts associated with the purchase amount.

  • Companies and restaurants

    Now you will equip your workplace or even renovate it in a modern style. Chic Homz interior designer will help you build a workplace that helps employees collaborate to increase productivity. You can also benefit from the discount associated with the purchase amount

  • Interior designers and architects

    There is no need to search a lot for products in different places. Chic Homz is the best site for you to get everything you need for your business. You can choose the furniture according to the style you want, and it will be shipped wherever you want. Also benefit from discounts linked to the purchase amount

Chic Homz offers the best for your needs.

No need to wait long
Get everything you want within 20 business days

Multiple payment methods
Bank transfer, online payment or even in installments

Safe shipping
Deliver all your products in a safe manner

From our customers

Common questions from our customers

1- Is it possible to get some samples before receiving the full order?

Yes, you can get some samples of selected products for you to check. This also depends on the size of the order. You can also visit our showroom and preview the products on the ground

2- Is it possible to manufacture custom furniture for us off-site?

You can modify the sizes and make some modifications to the products, if necessary, but we always recommend choosing the products as they appear on the site

3- Can I use installment payment?

Sure you can

4- Can I receive the order before the specified date?

We can send some products if they are finished. However, we cannot guarantee that the order will be sent ahead of time in order to ensure the quality of the products that will be sent to you

5- Can I keep the order with you until the place is prepared?

We can keep the order in our warehouse for only two weeks of the scheduled delivery period.

- You can only benefit from the agreed upon discount
- The down payment and installment system are agreed upon according to the cost of the order
- We cannot keep the furniture for more than two weeks, otherwise an additional cost will be calculated for each additional day from the invoice date